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i'm not very good at art right now but I hope to be someday in the future :)..I'm gonna be trying to learn and practice everyday and hopefully post my progress here often...I hope to someday be able to draw the characters I see in my mind but can't seem to put onto paper.
will also re-blog anime,manga,art tips, and references.

Technology Thoughts: We’re The (Digital) Kids Our Parents Warned Us About →


“Get off the computer! It’s bad for your eyes. ”

“I don’t know how you can sit on that thing all day.”

“Why don’t you go outside rather than stare at that screen?”

“Who are you texting? Put that thing away while you’re at the dinner table.”

Gosh, kids these days.

Admit it, you’re…

we may joke about being addicted to tumblr or the internet but it’s no laughing matter when it takes over your life..and you only depend or rely on it

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noetic knot: 1 month off technology (starting after my last final tomorrow) →


My experiment in staying away from the internet was going so well until finals hit and my self control went to hell; now, I’m back to being uncontrollably glued to my laptop (and gorging on sugar- but that’s a habit to change for another time). It’s funny how creative I am in the ways I…

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Do we rely too heavily on technology? →
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Using the Internet affects your memory, study says | SmartPlanet →
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Are we too dependent on computers? →

i for one think we are dependent on computers and electronics to get all our knowledge and info…even now i’m searching the web on stuff i should try to figure out on my own e.e …if you can’t even seperate yourself from a laptop or your phone for 1min let alone an hour then you’re addicted.

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How to Avoid Internet Addiction →
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